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The primary aim of Outreach Ethnomusicology is to share fieldwork research. Below is a list of items that are included for view by members of the community. 

Some of these articles are official documents of research which have been submitted to university departments, so they are set "not viewable" by the public, only registered members of outreach can view them. But, we welcome all sorts of articles within the interests of ethnomusicology, so please get in touch if you have something that might interest us.

If you would like to include some of your work, please let us know, and/or submit some of your research to our mailbox. Our contact address is info [at] o-em [dot] org. When we receive documents, we usually will have a full read through, and then reply with suggestions on how to edit and publish. How much exposure or access you want for your work will depend on your own needs, and we will publish or unpublish anything upon request. 

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Fieldwork Listing

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Title Published Date Author Hits
Important Issues and Concepts Concerning Shamanism and Shamanistic Ritual In Siberia 13-07-20 Written by Patrick Egan (patrickegan) 4942
Music and Smiles: Development of Social Interactions in Children with Autism through Participation in a Community Music Group 12-09-16 Written by Alexis Lyon (fishnets_and_harps) 3919
Dhimay : The Most Popular Ethnic Drum of the Newars 16-11-14 Written by Administrator 6992
Irish Singing Workshop 22-10-14 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 4319
Tell Me My Girl from Kalamata 17-10-14 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 3665
Interview at the Greek Radio / Irish Music Concert at the Museum of Acropolis 26-02-13 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 4498
Tracing Memory and Sound – Building Context With Recordings 06-02-13 Written by Patrick Egan (patrickegan) 5149
Giving Voice to Hope 21-01-13 Written by Michael Frishkopf (miaafr) 2387
The Effect of Record Production Techniques in Mediating Recordings of Traditional Irish Music 03-07-12 Written by Sam Proctor (samproctor) 5306
Rembetika 07-05-11 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 3708
Wozzeck and Otto Dix 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 1887
Expressionism - Schoenberg 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 2028
Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 2172
Alban Berg and Lulu 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 1903
Jazz and the Spirit of Textual Identity 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 1633
Strauss Sonata Interpretations 07-04-11 Written by Laura Thompson (lauraelspeth) 3516
A performers approach to Stockhausen’s Nr 9 Zyklus 05-04-11 Written by Toby Kearney (tobykearney) 3380
And’Art Festival Morocco (Gnawa) 29-03-11 Written by jacquelyn hynes (jacky) 3157
Ethnomusicologist On Tour 24-03-11 Written by Paddy Mulcahy (paddymulcahymusic) 3649
Ethnomusicology Enquiry 01-10-10 Written by Ryan Husain (jazzyteach65) 3436
Ethnomusicology 15-06-10 Written by Martin DeBourge (MartinDeBourge) 3754
Creating and supporting archive infrastructures: solutions as educational tools... 14-06-10 Written by Marcus (moco76) 2668
test 09-05-10 1821
Research Methods in Ethnomusicology 02-05-10 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 4994
The Foggy Dew (Meaning): Processes of change in an Irish Rebel song 01-05-10 Written by Labrini Gioti (Labri Giotto) 22214